Droid Razr Maxx HD - signal breaking, dropped calls



I've had a few different Verizon Android cell phones over the past few years. For some reason, the signal isn't that good in my house. I live in a major city (but perhaps just inside a 4G border). In the past, I've experienced some breaking up and dropped calls, but haven't had to go outside to make a call. However, with my Razor Maxx HD that I purchased a few months ago, I cannot make calls without having to go outside. If I make a call inside the house, the call continuously breaks up, or drops. Is there anything that can be done so I can make calls inside again? Perhaps there is some sort of interference at my house that could be investigated? Thank you.

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Re: Droid Razr Maxx HD - signal breaking, dropped calls

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Hi jonathanindy,

I totally understand your service concerns! My sister had similar issues in her home and even replacing the SIM card did not make much difference to her indoor signal situation. The reason is that some structural material properties cause interference for wireless signals. This is why we (and any other wireless service) are not able to guarantee indoor service. My sister was able to resolve her indoor service issue with a http://bit.ly/AKkC Network Extender. This device is specifically designed to improve Verizon Wireless phones indoor performance. Please consider buying this device to resolve your service concerns.

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