Droid Razor - having trouble with camera focusing


Is anyone else having trouble with their camera focusing?  A lot of my pictures come out blurry and out of focus.  Sometimes, it's like my camera focuses and then looses it as it snaps....am I doing something wrong?  Anyone?

And I HATE the take button....wish it was on the top or something instead of on the screen.

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Re: Droid Razor - having trouble with camera focusing


I am also having problems with my camera, the colors are off and most of my pictures come out blurry.  I'm a little disapointed that with an 8mp camera it isn't as clear as I thought it would be.

Re: Droid Razor - having trouble with camera focusing

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Are you using the stock camera app? There's a couple of things to be aware of. Make sure the focus square has turned green so that you know it's ready.  You can change the focus point in the stock camera app by touching anywhere on the screen.  Also, I have not found the zoom to be very useful - the pics are almost always blurry.  It's a digital zoom so imho you're better off to not use it and just crop the picture yourself.   It's the only thing I don't like about the camera/software.

If you really hate using the button to take pictures, try another app like Camera ZOOM FX.   Many people prefer it to the stock camera app and there is a place in the settings where you can set it so tapping anywhere on the screen will take a picture, as opposed to being the focus point as it is in the stock app.

Finally, I know it sounds basic, but be sure you have adequate light and try to not flinch when you press the take button.  The phone is so small that any movement like that will likely cause blur.   The other app I mentioned also has a stabilization setting, where it won't take a picture unless a certain degree of stabilization is present so you might also like that.  It does not have a video function however.

Hope that helps.