Droid RAZR will not sync email when WiFi is enabled.


My wife and I each got the Droid RAZR last weekend.  Her gmail email will not sync if the WiFi is enabled.  As soon as she disables her WiFi, she will receive any emails that have been sent to her.  My Droid RAZR will work fine - it will send & receive all emails continuously even if WiFi is enabled.  Her RAZR does not get an error message, it just looks like no emails come through.  Then, as soon as WiFi is turned off, she'll get emails into her phone that were sent hours ago.

I have gone through the settings on both phones and do not see any differences.  I then performed a factory reset last night on her phone to start over again.  If worked right away (would sync the gmail even if the WiFi was enabled) last night, but then again today it stopped syncing when WiFi was enabled.  She did not install anything on the phone or change any settings during that time.

The only difference between our phones is this:  We both upgraded from the original Droid.  I put a new SD Card into my RAZR (did not have anything on the Droid SD Card that I wanted to keep) but my wife kept her SD Card from her original Droid.

Any suggestions?  Any settings I should check?  Anything that people have already seen?

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Re: Droid RAZR will not sync email when WiFi is enabled.

Verizon Employee

Hello aparkernh! Sorry that you're experiencing connection issues with one of your Droid RAZR smartphones. One of the troubleshooting steps that I recommend to you is to confirm general data connection when hooked to WiFi by testing the browser. If you are unable to use the browser to visit websites or to shop for apps in the Market, then we'll know that your wife's Droid RAZR is entirely unable to engage data services while on WiFi. If the device is able to use data, then there may be something specific to her email settings. You mentioned that the only difference between your two phones is the SD card. Do you both also have the same email provider (i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and the like)?

I look forward to seeing your response! Thanks!


Re: Droid RAZR will not sync email when WiFi is enabled.

Sr. Leader

Give this a little trick a Try: on my Droids when they don't at first want to respond when i'm hooked to wi-fi i go to one of my market apps like My-Cast weather an i let it do it's thing. The next thing i do is load the radar an move it place to place that way i can see an know the Wi-Fi is responding to what i'm doing give it a try with one you apps. It's what i call given it a kick n the " Butt ".  An it has help me more than Once. B33


Re: Droid RAZR will not sync email when WiFi is enabled.


don't you have to check a box to sync with wi-fi?