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I purchased a ring tone last month and still cannot access it on my phone.  Someone told me it was a software compatibility issue and would be fixed at next upgrade.  How do I know when that is?  Is there nothing I can to (besides get my $2.99 back) to get this ringtone to show up in my list.???

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I want to save you a load of money. Never ever download ringtones for a fee. you can use any .mp3 or .wma and even the iTunes music I forgot the compression its something like 4a 

connect the usb cable to your phone and then plug into the usb port on your laptop or desktop and it will show up as another drive letter (make sure you choose usb mass storage device in your phone first) your owners manual will tell you how to do this feature. You then open the folders on thed cell phone and go to the music folder where your music will be stored.

Then after you confirm you have this folder on your phone or micro sd card simply cut and paste your music from your computer to the music folder on your micro sd card or phones internal storage (this I would not do since space is very limited) after you have all the music you want on your sd card unplug from the computer.

You then go into the settings for your phone and select sounds and change your ringtone to what you like. You can also go to your phone contacts and do an edit and select a custom ringtone for that contact. this is all in your users manual.

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Re: Downloading ringtones

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Hi Geedee,

Ringtones are important when customizing your phone. I want to help. Where did you purchase the Ringtone from the VZW website or the VZ Tones Deluxe application on your phone? If you did it from the website, then I would try using the application on the phone. You do a search in the Google Play store for "VZ Tones Deluxe">download the application>locate the ringtone, purchase and re-download the ringtone. If you still have not gotten your $2.99 refunded please let me know.

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