Changing Gmail Password


I had to change my gmail account password on my computer and now I can't get my email on my phone. How do I log in with new password using gmail app?

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Re: Changing Gmail Password

Community Manager
Community Manager

bwaite, I'm here to help you access your gmail account on your phone. I understand your frustrations because I have been locked out of my email before. I have listed some steps below to enter in  your new password.You can also remove the email account totally from your phone and readd it. Once you add the email back to the account, it will ask you for the new password.

1) From the home screen, select Applications.

2) Select Gmail.

3) If applicable, select the appropriate account.
If the Accounts screen is not presented, press the Menu button then select Accounts.

4) From the Inbox, press the Menu button.

5) Select Refresh.

6) Select and hold the status bar (located at the top) then drag to the bottom.
Alternatively, navigate Menu button > Notifications from the home screen.

7)From the Notifications section, select Sign-in error (located to the left of the email address).

8)From the Google sign-in screen, enter the appropriate password.

9) Select Sign in.

Please let me know if the above steps worked for you and if you have any questions or concerns.^KH