Boosted Signal not accepted


We are on a construction site around 8.5 miles from the nearest cell phone tower.  The cell signal in this area is around -100dbm and will not connect to the network.  We purchased a signal booster from a reputable company, there's a 10dbm gain antenna on top of a 40' mast connected with ultra low loss wire to a signal booster (10dbm + 75dbm) which is connected to a panel antenna in our construction trailer.

My Motorola Bionic works great, I have a 3G connection, can send/receive email, make calls, etc.  We purchased a Jetpack to provide MIFI didn't work, we traded it in for a fivespot didn't work, we found an old MIFI2200 works great!

My other engineer has a Motorola Razr Maxx, it will not connect, it shows a -70 dbm signal in 1xRTT and -120 dbm in 3G. (my Bionic phone has a -80 3G connection).  We both have the same contracts with Verizon.

Our Yagi antenna is directional, I know what cell tower I am communicating with and where the other ones are.  I've adjusted the antenna to point to other towers thinking perhaps Verizon didn't have a contract on that tower.  Still the Razr Maxx will not connect.

The Razr has internet due to the MIFI2200 but no voice.

I've pulled the SIM card, waited a minute, and put it back in.  The PRL is the same number as my Bionic.  We've changed the 4g mode to CDMA.

We're looking at trading the Razr for another make/model to evaluate the connection.

Verizon Support won't help since we are using a signal booster.  Why will my Bionic connect and Razr will not?

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