All apps refreshing automatically


When I open an app, primarily my news apps, I will be reading an article and the app automatically refreshes and brings me back to the home page. This happens with Angry Birds as well. I'll be playing and then it just restarts. Also, my phone is amazingly slow.

I have done the reboot and cleared the memory cash, which helped initially, but now does no good. I booted into safe mode and it still happens. My phone is almost rendered unusable.

Any suggestions? Thinking about a factory reset, but I have seen many discussions say even that doesn't work.

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Re: All apps refreshing automatically

Community Manager
Community Manager

Good morning gschiche,

Let's get to the bottom of these issues! Sounds like you have a 3rd party application that is causing your phone to slow down & reset/reboot at random. I associate these issues to a 3rd application because rebooting helps intially but as your phone is used and most likely the bad app is accessed/enabled, the issue reoccur. Since there is no way to identify the culprit app, I recommend doing a factory reset http://vz.to/z30zKf to clear your phone from any traces of the conflicting app, then install your 3rd party apps one at a time and test for a day (or at least a few hours) between installs to identify the bad app and remove it for good.

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