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It seems that when I set my alarm, it never goes off. I wake up and see that about a half hour after it was suppose to go off, it says "snoozed for 30 mins". It's an ongoing issue, aka every time. My snooze settings are only set to 5 minutes, so even if I hit it without relizing it, it still doesn't make sense.

Any ideas?

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I thought you could turn off the snooze feature but apparently you can't.

QUESTION, during the night are you picking up the phone? If so, disable the the actions of the SIDE BUTTONS and see if that helps.

If that doesn't not help then return it for new phone.



Re: Alarm Clock

Verizon Employee

Good morning and thank you scottshad for your helpful response!

justinporter, I can imagine this could be extremely frustrating, especially if something important depended on your alarm, (such as work or school).  Has the alarm ever worked on your Razr?  Are you using the Razr's default alarm, or is it a third party alarm?  If from a third party, please try disabling it and use the phone's default alarm.  If you are using the default, please try un-checking the alarm(s) that are currently set, restart your device, and re-enable the alarm.  It could be that the snooze was selected and never disabled during a previous alarm setting.  You can also try putting phone in Safe Mode to see if it's a third party application causing the alarm not to work properly. 


If you are still having this problem with the alarm, please send me a Direct Message and I will be happy to personally assist you. 

Thank you,


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