A once great coverage area now bounces between 1 and 2 bars


We have always (many years...like since the Alltell days) had great service in our home and all around central Arkansas (72120 zipcode) for the past 3 weeks the service has degraded to the point of being quite unreliable.  Service has gone from 4 to 5 bars with 4G LTE down to bouncing between 1 and 3 bars sometimes displaying "mobile network not availabe".  This is happening on all of our devices not just 1 phone.  Friends and neighbors are having the same issue.  Discussion boards on other sites give the appearance that this is not an isolated issue. 

Even when my phone is indicating that I have (marginal) coverage I often cannot make or receive calls.  Text services seem to be a little more reliable than voice.

If the service remains this unreliable we will have to change providers.