4g and wifi keeps going to sleep when my phone goes to sleep?


Last week I noticed that my 4g and/or wifi (which ever one I'm using depending on where I am) will not be active when my phone is in sleep mode. This means that I do not get any notifications other than text or calls when my phone is in sleep mode. Once I turn my phone on and out of sleep mode, the 4g/wifi will kick back on after about 30 seconds. I'm not sure if I changed a setting or why this is happening, the associate at the Verizon store was stumped. I have tried a soft reset and toggling my smart actions and settings in wifi, but nothing has worked.

The most frustrating thing is when I am at the gym and I'm listening to pandora, it will only play one song then I have to awaken my phone for it to kick on the 4g so that the next song will load. It is just a hassle, does anyone know what i need to do?


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Re: 4g and wifi keeps going to sleep when my phone goes to sleep?

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Lets get your phone working back full time for you, Zwg3443!

Do you have any battery saver applications on the device? I went through a similar situation when I had one installed. They are designed to shut off all data communications while enabled. Its best to remove these apps from the phone. I recommend booting the device in Safe Mode (steps http://bit.ly/P8of9A) to see if the data continues to go to sleep while in this mode. Keep me posted!

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