I have downloaded my own music recording  (mp3) onto my Droid X and I want to use it as a ringtone.

I am very new at this smartphone. 



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Open your apps drawer and open the "music" apps. Long touch the music you want to use as a ringtone. When the pop-up menu opens, choose "Use as a phone ringtone."


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Also, you can download ringdroid in the market to cut/crop/customize your ringtones.

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You Can also download songs from youtube if u can't find them els were:  meaning u can extract mp3's from youtube Songs or Video's an this is how i do it:


go to: on the web on your phone to >> listentoyoutube.com : it changes video content like music videos into mp3's for your phone:

then on your home computer or laptop go to youtub find the song u'd like to convert to a mp3: for instance i cant find (it'late) by Ricky Nelson any were els but on youtub so in search box do a search: mine would be for it's late by Rickey Nelson and it'll come up with a choice find the one that sounds the best:  the next thing to Do is look up at your search bar were u type your Url's the song u select has its url up there in the bar: this is the one for( it's late)


(www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHHOqFMSJ8w) an it need's to be typed exactly as it is in the url search bar: into the


search box on your phone were listentoyoutube.com is: once typed in there touch the (Go) button an nothing else at


that time your phone will go to the next page you'll see this circle going round an round when it stops u'll see in


Orange (Download load MP3 ) Carefully soom in an Touch the download mp3 an that Only then it will go to one more


page were it says in Gray >> (Download MP3) touch that an it will then Download ur song in Mp3 format: Give it a few


seconds then hit your home button: At your home page take your finger to the top of your divice and slide you shade

down an ur mp3 will be there: Then u can go to were your other songs are in your mp3 player an you'll see it: it will


say download an will play just like any MP3 song.  A little reminder some songs or Videos with songs may not even


though you have them typed in correctly may not load as there could be a glitch that'll stop it !   if does this an


there's another copy on youtube try it: as i have had this happen to me before this is trial & Error if gets frustrating


:smileymad: just relax an give it another shot as this can be a Alternitve if you cant find a song any were els. Have fun

an start some downloading.  :smileyvery-happy:  Ra !