multiple duplications of sent/deleted emails



Receive email.  Read it. Delete it. Open folders and empty trash.  Within minutes, email notification.  Open it.  Same email.  Delete it.  Open folders and empty trash.  Minutes to hours to next day.  Email notification.  Amongst 1 new email I get 5 emails that were deleted 3 months ago.  Not on my server but on someone's server.  Delete.  Open folders and empty trash.  Two weeks later.  A batch of 3 month old emails.  6, 7, 8 emails over 3 months old and deleted SEVERAL times.

I have 3 email addys.  2 for work, 1 for personal business. 

ANY BODY got any ideas?  My notification vibe will vibrate for 20 minutes some times.  At the vvery least it vibes for 2 to 3 minutes for ONE STINKING email.

Is there help?




Re: multiple duplications of sent/deleted emails


What email provider do you have Yahoo; road runner; G-mail? 

Try adding/deleting the email(s).


I found a couple of forums with options available:



Also can use application K-9 




Go into settings and make sure "delete from server" is checked. Otherwise they will just be replaced every time the phone syncs with the account. You can also log into a PC. Anything you delete from the PC will delete from the server. 
An upgrade to 5.0.21 and then 6.0.4 solved the duplicate sent email issue.
If your outgoing set-up is "smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com" using Port 587 (as most of the "how to's" on getting Yahoo Mail to work on the Droid seem to suggest), try switching the Port to "25." 





Re: multiple duplications of sent/deleted emails


when I go into my setting, I cannot find "delete from server".
I have opened every option that has anything to do with my email.
I use aol/gmail for mine.
so where is this hidden little bugger.
thank you