low space indicator + hard reset = no phone service


My daughter kept getting a low space indicator message on her Incredible even though she had plenty of memory.  It would also randomly delete all text messages.  We called Verizon and after a lengthy discussion, were told to do a hard reset.  We saved contacts, pictures, etc. and did the reset.  Turned the phone on and no 3G.  After a hour plus on the phone the rep. said she would look into it and call us back.  We called back 30 minutes later.  Were told that they were going to send a new phone, will be here in 3 days.  My daughter was told she'd be able to make/receive calls and text messages but would not have access to the internet via her phone.  After we hung up, we discovered she could not in fact make or receive calls or text messages.  We called back.  They said something about a glitch, they would put in an order and it would be fixed shortly.  Almost 24 hours later, the phone is still unable to make calls.


Re: low space indicator + hard reset = no phone service

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First thing Low Space wont be related to the amount of storage the device has, the memory is ram and the SD Card and RAM is storage...  Storage is where you data is stored and memory is a temporary area that files and data buffers to.


When you see low memory try closing some apps through the task killer interface and this should resolve that bug temporarily but if you have to many apps running in background it will show this error again.


Have you tried a hard reset and activation again?


Perferred Method

  1. From the home screen, select the applications tab (located in the lower-left).
    Home screen with Applications tab
  2. Select Settings.
    Applications with Settings
  3. Select SD & phone storage.

  4. From the Personal data section, select Factory data reset.

  5. Select the appropriate option: Reset phone Resets the phone Reset phone & Internal storage Resets the phone and the internal storage
  6. Select Erase everything.

  7. Refer to Initial Activation and Setup.





Alternate method

  1. Remove then re-insert the battery.
  2. Press and hold the Power button+Volume down key simultaneously until the HBOOT screen appears then release.
    Power button and Volume down key
  3. Select FACTORY RESET.
    NoteUtilize the Volume up / down keys to highlight and the Power button to select.
    NoteAllow several minutes for the process to complete.

  4. Refer to Initial Activation and Setup.


Re: low space indicator + hard reset = no phone service


My phone did the same thing. I received the new software update last week and after the update my phone was not receiving emails and updating the twitter and facebook widgets as well as telling me I was low on internal storage with was incorrect. I was still able to text, make calls and surf the web. I was just experiencing glitches. That being said I proceeded to factory reset this morning to try and clear these issues. After the reset and reprogramming the phone I can no longer make calls, text or surf the web without wifi. I can call Verizon customer support from it but not any other calls. I called customer service and thier tech support told me it was my phone that was the problem and that I would need to purchase another one as my phone is out of warrenty. This is unacceptable. I have done 3 resets since and still same outcome.


Re: low space indicator + hard reset = no phone service


@miller11786 have you done *228 Option 1 after the Hard Reset. If not, you should be seeing a small triangle with the signal indicator. If you do see the triangle with the signal indicator, you need to perform an activation using *228 and then option 1 when prompted.


If that does not help you or you don't see the triange, then you need to call customer service and tell them that there is nothing wrong with the phone, but since you did the hard reset you cant make any outgoing calls or internet browsing. I am pretty sure that the first level support will not be able to help you with this, request them to transfer you to second level tech support. I had an HTC Touch where I had a similar thing happen to me and the second level support was able to get me fully functional by manually entering all the activation data.


As for the low space indicator, I faced a similar issue when helping a friend update his phone. In his case, I saw that his contacts storage was using up 58mb. Since all his contacts were either exchange or google, I cleared the data on contacts storage, as well as on Facebook and Facebook for HTC Sync. I also cleared cache for a ton of apps, and after that the update went without a hiccup.


SO FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE THE LOW SPACE ISSUE: It is the application storage space that is spent, best thing to do is to clear data and cache whereever you can and make as much space available as you can. Deleting apps (unless that app is using up a lot of application data storage) or delete photos etc from internal storage or sd card will NOT help. 


The really good thing about the newest version 4.08 is that it now shows the application data space under SD & Phone storage in settings. And our phone has just 149mb reserved for application data storage.