droid x erasing memory card


has anyone had this happen... i went to gallery and all was gone..then i took battery off and reset, then it says sd card needs formatting, so i go to do that and it isnt even a highlighted option????


Re: droid x erasing memory card

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Try ejecting card and placing it in a reader and see if it reads in a pc, if so copy everything and then format on pc, also make sure you do not have it mounted to a pc when you try to access the  format feature on phone because it wont work while pc is using card.


Re: droid x erasing memory card


It seems something in your phone settings has become corrupt. I would recommend performing a hard reset to clear this up. The instructions to performing the reset are listed below:



Performing a factory reset via settings

The most convenient way to do a factory reset is via the phone settings.

Press HOME


then tap Settings.

Scroll down the screen,

and then tap Privacy

> Factory data reset.

On the Factory data reset screen,

tap Reset phone,

and then tap Erase everything.

Once you have done this it should resolve your issue. Hope this helps.