Had the Motorola driod for 5 days and so many things they don't tell you in the store but quick to tell you its better than the iphone that maybe true can't say. They don't tell you it wont play videos from other phones or could delete pics and videos from other memory cards or some features the phone should have are being taken off the phone. I got the phone last monday and 10 min after I left the store the weather didn't wrk it said unavailable I went back and they told me to call Motorola. Motorola told me the phone had a virus and to take it back this is day 1. Day 2 the car home voice search wrks but you press to have it call for you it tells me the web is unavailable and tells me to download a new app or reprogram the phone and lists other options. Day 3 they never tell you when you go to the market you okay some of the app's to make your info public to everyone I started to get 3-5 telemarketing calls a day this is day 3-4 at this point I have been on the phone with verizon and Motorola tech support everyday since I got the phone till now 2 x's a day like I have nothing else to im a mother of a 8mnth old and have no sleep or time as it is. Customer service tells me go to the store something is wrong with the phone since you are returning no 35 charge will be given well that was wrong im at the store in a mall by my house and the manager tells me " this is my store I can say or do whatever I want and nobody can tell me what to do I have my own policy and if I want to charge you I have that right." I walked out with my phone I was returning crying my eyes out went to another store they were nice enough to return the phone for me but wow never again will i go through this again. I activated my rough and come to find out the driod deleted all my videos and blocked out 15 photos maybe nothing to some but means a lot to me its of my daughter from her birth till her 8 month bday so **bleep** me for having them on a memory card but I was always told no matter what happens to your phone everything is always safe on your card.... I guess nothing is ever safe and you have to learn the hard way. Good luck


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I'm really sorry to hear you are having problems, but as to the phone deleting pictures from a memory card from another phone, it's possible the phone just does not see the pictures if they are in some strange location.  Have you hooked your phone up to the computer with the other memory card, or better yet, actually used a microsSD card reader to actually browse the card?


Unless you told the phone to format the other memory card, it should not have deleted anything. 


As to playing videos from other phones, that is very typical trying to move videos from one phone to another.  There are hundreds of proprietary video formats and variants out there, and no phone can be expected to play all, or necessarilyl ANY of them.  The format your previous phone used may have been a restricted (patented) format, and your Android is not going to play those.


You can get a video converter that will convert most proprietary or odd/old formats to the mp4 that the Droid can play.  One such (free) one is winff which you can get from http://winff.org