dock mode? HELP


My phone keeps going into Dock Mode.  I have disabled car mode, pulled out the battery, tried to clean out the plug for the charger.  It makes all my calls go to speaker phone, closes apps and texts when I am in the middle of using them and just makes my phone pretty much unusable.  And now it randomly keeps shutting all sound off, but says its in normal mode so I miss tons of calls. 

I have only the the phone for 4 months and I'm ready to throw it out the window.  Any help? 


Re: dock mode? HELP

Customer Support

Hi megmza,  Let's get your phone back to normal!  Can you clarify your current software version? Menu>Settings>About Phone>Software information.  Do you typically use a car charger?  If so, was this a charger purchased from Verizon Wireless?  I am eager to troubleshoot and get this resolved!

Thank you,

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