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Winamp Mobile App!
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Winamp ShoutCast Station Are Now Streaming on the Droid X : That is Some of them are .977  And Are Working Some of them Are Not Working  To  Get  Winamp to play on the X or Any Device Go to Winamp on your Pc U hafe to have 5.6 or Newer Version on Ur Pc: Get the Beta Version on The Device U Also have to have( A) Wi-fi: Connection And Turned on the Device To make this Work! Once U Get the Device Locked on With Ur Pc U should Be Able To Start Streaming Music and U can Also Transfer Songs that's on the Device to Winamp on ur Pc  Or if u have songs on winamp u can transfer them to The Divice Like if U Have: I Toon's Pute them in Winamp then Transfer them to Device.  Give it Try Everyone And Enjoy It Does Sound Good.!!   :smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy:  A Little update Here If U have A Droid Incredible it Should Play All the Stations Mine Does and So Far NO Problems.........

Re: Winamp Mobile App!

But the real question is why wont winamp stream shoutcast when on 3G. Comments on the app seem to indicate other devices stream fine over cell connection.


When i am connected to my computer via winamp,  i will listen to shoutcast on my computer, via winamp.


Now that Stern has resigned, i stopped worrying about winamp supporting Droid X streaming radio :smileytongue: