What happened to my Calendar?


I am in Europe and I am aware that you cannot use the phone here, but my Calendar reset to 1970 and I can['t get it off that. I went on wireless (which works well), but it froze and I removed the battery to do a soft reset and since then I am on Jan 1, 1970 and can't get it off. That stinks because I can only access my Google Calendar on my laptop and the phone basically is now only a camera here.


At least on my Treo, I was able to use the all the functions of the phone except the phone and when I returned a Hot-Sync would fix the problem. I can access the calendar with the wireless service, but that is a pain just to see an event.


In addition, I don't see why they have Skype on the phone if you can only use it with cell service. At least on the iPhone you can use it with wireless.


Still love the phone, but frustrated. Any suggestions?