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I have witnessed several times the volume on my Droid 2 changing all on its own.  The screen is locked and nothing is touching the volume control on the side.  Previously I had thought that through a series of unfortunate events occurring in my pocket with my phone - the volume is changing (also takes pictures of the inside of my pocket) and turns the volume of the ringtone off - this stuff was happening from jostling around in my pocket.  Just yesterday while working out, I pulled the phone out of my pocket while walking and witnessed the volume control turning all the way down without touching the screen or the volume control on the side.  I would go and turn the volume back up and then it would just turn the volume down automatically.  Frustrating to say the least.  Anyone have a suggestion.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

You should be the only one in control of your device, StephenB844,

This doesn't sound right. I checked, and there aren't any known concerns with the device changing settings like this. Could liquid or physical damage be the cause? Here's how to check: http://vz.to/1OscmM7  Additionally, do you possibly have an old screen protector on the screen? If so, what happens when you remove it?

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