Vibrate for texts


How do I get my phone to vibrate for texts? I have tried changing the settings under messages so vibrate has a green check next to it under recieved messages.


Also, I tried connecting my phone to my laptop so I could get internet access on my laptopand it asked me to insert a disk (never recieved a disk), how I do configure this? Thanks!!


Re: Vibrate for texts

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I would be happy to answer both questions for you. First, to get your vibration to work in your messages, you have to be in your messages icon, press the menu key, and choose settings.  Place a check mark in the "Vibrate on incoming messages" box.  


You should not need a disc to connect you device to the PC. What you need to do is put the phone into USB mass storage mode.


Make sure your phone has a Micro SD card inserted.

Plug your phone into the computer.

Draw down the notification panel or press menu> notifications from the home screen. 

Click on the USB symbol to change the USB connection type.

Change it to "Disk Drive" 

Press done. 


Your phone should now be readable by your PC just like any other mass storage device you would plug into the USB port.  You can explore the files by going under Start> Computer or Start> My Computer. 


Let us know how we can further assist or if this resolved your issue.