how ignorant can you be...


if phones are so "obsolete" after a supposedly small amount of time, why are people buying 3-4 year old phones, or holding on to phones for 3-4 years? honestly, how can you consider the omnia 2, moto droid, droid eris, palm pre/pixi plus, imagio all obsolete? and that's just smart phones, if you get into it, all the 3G multimedia and ruggedized phones are relavant andnone are obsolete...


Re: The REAL issue we have with verizon regarding the N1/Increbible



Funny you mention that.  I got great reception in the mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina.  I get spotty but some coverage in the mountains in Kentucky.  My inlaws using AT&T turn their phones off when they start up the mountain in KY because once you get about half way up it is useless till you get back in town.  I can at least go outside and use my phone.  Sometimes I can even use it inside.  Ah the network. 


:smileywink: offense. Sometimes us "Northeasterners" don't think before we open our mouths!