Sync with Corporate Email


Is there a widget I can place on my homescreen that will allow instant, manual sync with corporate email? I know I can do this by going into messaging, then corporate email, then clicking on the sync button, but I'm hoping to do so in one step. I don't want to use the sync every 15 minutes option because it runs down the battery when I don't need it.




Re: Sync with Corporate Email


Hello KZ. I have read your post and understand the concern you have with having adding a widget for syncing your corporate email to your device. You can go through the process of adding widgets to your phone. Here are the steps:

Add a widget

1. Press Menu hard key, press + Add

2. Select either Motorola Widgets or Android Widgets

  • Motorola Widgets are handset functions and features that can be controlled by widgets. They are the majority of the preloaded homescreen apps. (Airplane mode toggle, Bluetooth toggle, Calendar, Contact quick tasks, Date/Time, GPS toggle, Messages, News, Photo Slideshow, Photo Widget, Social Networking, Social status, Sticky Note, Weather, WiFi toggle).
  • Android Widgets are specific handset applications that have functions that can be controlled by widgets(Analog Clock, Homescreen Tips, Latitude, Music, Power control, Search, You Tube). 

3. Select a widget from either menu and tap it to place it on your homescreen. You can adjust its position once its on the homescreen.

There are also widgets you will download via the Android Marketplace. Please keep in mind, Verizon Wireless is not responsible for any malfunctions that happen to your device when downloading from the Android Market.