Sync Outlook calendar to Droid


I have another question about how to sync my Outlook calendar from work to my cell phone?  I was told that if I plugged the USB cord to my cell & my work computer that it would give me step by step directions on how to do this but I wasn't able to make it work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Sync Outlook calendar to Droid

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Here are the steps for synching you work email account.  HTH!


From the home screen, touch the applications tab (located on the bottom of the screen).

Touch Email.
Enter the exchange email address and password then touch Next.
Touch Exchange account

Enter the exchange server settings in the appropriate fields:

  • domain\username
  • password
  • Exchange Server
  • If desired, ensure Use secure connection (SSL) and Accept all SSL certificates are checked then click Next.
    Touch the Email Checking frequency dropdown.
    Touch the desired frequency.
    Touch the Amount to synchronize dropdown.
    Touch the desired amount.

Touch the desired account options then touch Next.
Note The account option is enabled if a green check mark is present.

  • Send email from this account by default.
  • Notify me when email arrives.
  • Sync contacts from this account.
  • Enter an account name and outgoing message name then touch Done.