Should I upgrade?


Hello there,

  I am looking for some input.  This last February, I purchased a Droid DNA after months of research. I love my DNA, it has an 8 MP camera, 2 MP front-facing camera, quad core, records in 1080p, and the famous 5" screen.  Overall, this phone is amazing and doesn't get the recognition it deserves.  But lately, I have been seeing the new DROIDs being advertised and, being a huge DROID follower, I have been on the fence about upgrading.  I like the MAXX, but am swaying more towards the Ultra for the slim look and kevlar case.  Although, after looking at the specs on each device, I found the only real difference between the 2 is the amount of hard memory: MAXX with 32G and Ultra with 16G.  So really, it just comes down to one thing...

What do you think? By upgrading right now, I would be paying for the Google Now feature, 2 more MPs and Zap.  Otherwise, nothing has really changed.  So I need to know from people who already have it, or have taken them on trial runs.  Is it worth the money now or just wait until my next upgrade. 


Re: Should I upgrade?


That's a tough call since your current droid is so similar. I enjoy how light weight the Ultra is, as well as the kevlar body. I'm finally getting accustomed to google now. I had siri before so there

was an adjustment for me. I went for the ultra instead of the maxx because I wanted to stick with the lighter weight phone. I also didn't need the 32 gigs of hard memory. I am enjoying my phone though and

glad I made the purchase. Good luck with your decision!