Samsung Charge won't boot past graphics screen


I just got my Samsung Droid Charge tonight, used it for awhile, hooked it up to the computer and transferred some songs via V Cast media manager, and now, when I restart it, it goes to the graphics screen on bootup and seems to be in a loop; it won';t go to the home screen. I removed the battery, tried restarting it, but still does it.  Any suggestions? 

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Re: Samsung Charge won't boot past graphics screen

Verizon Employee

Hello effrn,


May I ask have you downloaded any apps to the device yet. This can play a factor in the looping issue. At this stage I would recommend doing a factory reset on the device. Keep in mind that this erases all data off oft the device. I have posted the steps below for your convenience. 


  1. Turn off the phone
  2. While device is powered off, press and hold Volume Up key & Home key and then press and hold Power button all together. When SAMSUNG logo appears on the device screen, release all buttons.
  3. Display will show: 
    1. Reboot system Now
    2. Apply sdcard:update.zip
    3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    4. Wipe Cache Partition
  4. From the Recovery screen, press the Volume down key to select "Wipe Data/Factory Reset", press "home button" to select option and wipe device.
  5. Display shows: "All user data will be wiped out", press "Volume Up" to continue or "Volume Down" to exit.
  6. Press Volume Up
  7. Press Home to select "Reboot System Now" - device will reboot

Once you have done this the device would need to be reactivated. Please respond to this posting if you have any attitudinal questions or concerns.