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SD card corrupt???? Really confused


I have the Droid Incredible which I absolutely love.  Anyways I have not had any problems up until last Friday.  I charged my phone at work and then I had an sd icon at the top of screen with a ? on it.  and ever since then my battery has only last about 3 hours if Im lucky and this is using the phone only about 5 minutes for talking and reading 1 text.  Before my battery would last from about 7am to 10 pm using all the appls, facebook, email, youtube, listening to yahoo music, etc....  Someone said on another forum that my sd card may be corrupt and to reset it.  however, when i go into sd card on settings and select unmount it does absolutely nothing.  I cannot select the option to reformat.  Any ideas.  This is a major problem.  I did try to just remove the sd card and my battery life improved back to normal but I dont have access to my ring tones, etc...  I would appreciate any responses and am willing to try anything.  do I need to factory reset my phone?:smileyhappy:

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Re: SD card corrupt???? Really confused

Sounds like you received your Froyo 2.2 upgrade!


The upgrade was successful on my phone, but on my wife's phone ... all kind of problems, including a "fried" sd card.  I could not mount the sd card in my wife's phone or erase the content from the phone.


So, we ended up just buying a new sd card at Office Max ... got it on sale for $9.


After installing the new sd card, I immediately downloaded two apps that have been lifesavers for us:  Battery Booster (has almost tripled the battery life in our phones - make sure you activate the setting to automatically turn off WiFi when the phone goes to sleep), and Astro File manager.  Both apps are free.


Use Astro File Manager to back up your apps to the sd card.  I wish I had had this app before doing a hard reset on my phone!