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Ringtones and Music Missing


I recently downloaded some music and ringtones to my DX.  They worked for a day and now the music does not show in my music app and the ringtones are not available.  I see the files in my downloads folder still and I can play them out of there.  It seems that outside of the downloads folder the phone does not recognize them.  Thanks in advance for the help.


Re: Ringtones and Music Missing


Try doing a soft reset on the device.

To do a soft reset:

Press the Power key.
Touch Power off.
Touch OK.
Press the Power key to power on the device

Once you have done a soft reset, try re-opening the music application and seeing if the music files have returned.  Make sure to look for the music and ringtones by searching all songs in the music player application.

If the files are not there,  then you would need to place them in the correct music folder on the device.

Only DRM free / unprotected music can be transferred via this method. DRM protected content (e.g. songs downloaded via iTunes (not all iTunes songs are protected), Rhapsody subscription, etc.) will not play on this device.

Connect the device to a computer using the supplied USB cable. 

From the home screen, touch and hold the status bar (located at the top of the display).

Drag the window shade to the bottom of the display.
Touch USB connection.

Touch USB Mass Storage then touch OK.

From File Explorer / Finder on the computer, create a new music folder in Removable Disk (X:smileyhappy:.

 Removable Disk (X:smileyhappy: represents the SD Card installed in the device. This name may vary.

Copy the music and ringtones form the folder on the phone.  You would access the folder in which the downloaded music and ringtones is located, then copy the music to a new folder.

For any accompanying artwork in JPEG format, rename the art file albumart.jpg and copy into the same folder as the music files. 

To further organize files, create a subfolder in the newly created music folder and copy desired music files into it.


To utilize the DNLA application, an active WiFi connection must be established. 


Re: Ringtones and Music Missing

Sr. Leader

Most apps looks for ringers in curtain folders, try moving all of them to SD/Media/Audio/Ringtones