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Notification menu saying theres 3 text messages not sent, need help

ok, my phone comes up with the notifications message that 3 text massages were failed to be sent. When you tap on the message it takes you to the text message menu and there's no text messages there.  I tried shutting the phone off and turning it back on and also taking the battery out. I also looked in the phone to see if there was a way to delete the notification permantly.  I also read on a previous post of the same error, but that was due to the guy deleting an app that used the text messages and once he reinstalled the app , he was able to fix the error. My problem is i didnt delete any apps when this occured. Only thing i did was i had 10 different peoples text messages and i deleted them, once they were deleted i got this message. now everytime i send a text out, i get this message. Is there any solution to this other than doing a complete software reset , which i really dont wanna have to do.  PLEASE HELP  !!!!!!!




Re: Notification menu saying theres 3 text messages not sent, need help
Sr. Leader

By change is there a red orb next to the + symbol in the right hand corner when your on the text message page? If so tap icon and click the - button next to each message to delete from list.  This was my reason for noticing that error.