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No signal strength and says I'm roaming...but I'm in the US

I have had my droid charge since September 2011 and just recently my phone has lost all signal, shows a circle with a slash in it and 4G and 3G go in and out. Also, I keep getting a "roaming network notification" asking if I would like to allow roaming for "this trip" and I am in California...not roaming. This is frustrating, not being able to receive calls/texts while in my house, when I never had this problem. Pretty much, my phone is currently just an expensive paper weight. I have restarted several times, with no results, and also taken out the battery and SIM card, with no results. Can someone please help me, is anyone experiencing the same problem? Thank you.

Re: No signal strength and says I'm roaming...but I'm in the US

Hi, I have exactly the same problems and I have reset my phone, restarted my phone, refreshed the network, etc. Nothing is working in my area! At home I only have a signal if I go outside and walk to the top of our hill and do not move an inch while talking because I only have one bar by doing this. Here lately doing this on 100+ degree days is getting really old really fast. All I am ever told by customer support is to restart the phone each time and then the call 'mysteriously' gets dropped, so I doubt if all of my issues are even being recorded in my account. I am very frustrated with verizon and with the phone.

Re: No signal strength and says I'm roaming...but I'm in the US
Customer Support


I am sorry to learn of the difficulties you have had in your home and we do understand the need for service where you frequent. Wireless technology is not infallible and still has the limitations of any radio signal when it comes to interference. Technology has improved since the first handset, but there is still going to be some interference from structures and that is by no fault of the network.

Are you only experiencing this loss of signal while inside your home? One thing you can try is remove the SIM card for a minute or two. Reinsert and retest. If you are still having signal issue you can also try running the phone in safe mode  This help rule out any third party app that may be causing the issue.

Keep me posted if you need further assistance.

John B
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Re: No signal strength and says I'm roaming...but I'm in the US

I am in the same boat, I have had the same phone for over a year.  Up until two days ago I had service at home and at work, no problems.  What the heck has happened int he last couple of days?  I have restarted, used safe mode, removed and replaced sim card.  I am very frustrated at not having a working phone.  I agree with the above poster that the phone is and expensive paperweight.  I have searching for service all day and its draining my battery!