No battery life after system upgrade


I've searched this forum and found a few notes about significant battery problems after Android upgrades. Immediately after upgrading my Droid X, my battery life went from more than 24 hours to about 4 hours. The battery is very hot and takes about 6 hours to charge. Clearly something is draining the battery. The Verizon tech folks declared it a faulty battery and are sending a new one. I am certain that's not the problem, especially since others have reported the same issue.


So I hoped to wipe the cache before having to do a factory reset -- it was suggested as a possible solution. I have found some instructions for wiping the cache, but I can't seem to get the instructions to work. I power off my Droid, then hold the home key. Nothing happens. So I can't get to the menu that gives the options mentioned. Can anyone help? I loved my Droid until this update... I really need my phone to work as I am self-employed. I am my own IT department! 

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