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New update?

I loved my Droid, I constanly raved about it.  Now since the gingerbread upgrade so many months ago. I loathe it with a passion generally reserved for the in-laws.  I hear rumors about 4 months ago about a new update (cupcake or something) that was going to fix all these issues from gingbread.

  • random rebooting
  • short battery life (less then a day)

I can't wait until my contract is open so I can get away from this P.O.S. operating system. Someone please tell me there is hope insight.

P.S.  its no the apps or anything else.  It worked fine before this stupid update.

Re: New update?
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Grumpybybirth, I can certainly understand your frustration over having issues after receiving a software update and would like to help. You stated this isn't due to apps, but it could possibly be related. When updating the entire operating system on a phone, from Froyo to Gingerbread, it is very possible some applications aren't compatible or just don't work as well with the new system. Imagine updating your computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7. If the programs you had from Windows Vista were not compatible with Windows 7, it may cause other problems in the computer. This is why it is recommended to perform a factory reset before or after a large update on your phone.

You can first check what programs are running to see if one may be running in the background more often than normal (Settings>Applications>Running) and uninstall these apps or clear cache/data from the applications. You can also boot your phone into safe mode, to see if these issues are resolved. Safe mode disables third party applications, in case one of them may be causing the issue. If the issues are not occurring in safe mode, try uninstalling some applications. If still occurring, then I suggest completing the factory reset.

Let me know if that helps.


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Re: New update?

Sorry to break this to you, but the numerous issues with Gingerbread are just that, issues with the OS.  I know this personally as I have also become disenfranchised with my Droid2 post update.  I had even performed the factory reset, went through all the setups again, and installed all the compatable versions of the apps I was using.  In addition I had even choose to not reinstall a number of seldom used apps.  However, the issues with battery life, keyboard issues (both physical and virtual), along with the bevy of other issues that I had personally reported still occur.  The most comical one being my phone sitting on the end table, not being touch, but then it will randomly believe it is being connected to a car-dock.  Mind you, this device has never been plugged in to a car-dock, and when it cycles through this phantom indication it is not plugged in to anything at all.  It is just sitting there, not being touched.  It has also happend while merely sitting in the center console of my car, again not plugged in to anything.  Another issue that has been coming up recently is my phone will act as though its not connected to any network, mobile or wifi.  I know you're going to say, maybe the issue is with the wifi itself, and trust me when I say that it's not.  My laptop will be working fine, but I look over at my phone and see that it will be having difficulties.  But of all the issues since the forced upgrade, the keyboard one has since returned most often and is REALLY beginning to irritate me.  It is at the point where I will be in an app and trying to type a message, as soon as I hit the spacebar the app will freeze and then force-close.  I try to type a report about the error, and again once I hit the spacebar the report itself errors out and force-closes.  At first it was just in one app or another, but now its happening in a simple text message.  Granted, this is when using the physical keyboard.  But when I use the virtual one it will type, but not all the characters will show initially.  Only when you re-tap the message box does the text show up.  And again, touching the spacebar causes the text input to stop and closes the virtual keyboard.  It does not cause a force-close, but it does make sending a text message of any kind quite cumbersome and troublesome.  So, either these issues, along with the ones I've read about on other new Android devices get finally fixed, or you just may find a large personal account leaving to another provider.  Why?  Think of how long this craptastic OS has been used with all these known and reported issues with no fixes in sight.  Do you really expect to keep customers with that kind of technical support on what amounts to a massive beta release?  Take my words for what they are, and I hope the people who need to hear the criticism receive it in a timely manner.