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New baseband version / update ?

I spoke to Verizon customer service on the phone today about an unrelated issue. I have the first driod incredible with  android 2.3.4. She said that there is a newer version of baseband version # that is showing on my phone now. She said a newer version was released in late October and it comes automatically. First, what is this baseband ? Has anyone heard of this type of update ? If so, what does it upgrade ? Thanks in advance.

Re: New baseband version / update ?
Sr. Leader

Not the same thing...  2.3.4 is the Android Version the Software number would be the one listed like the number you posted..  You need to compare those numbers to see if they match.

Re: New baseband version / update ?
Sr. Leader

I have that Version as well Wildman an i've pressed the system update with no resolts but i've been wondering if an when HTC is going to release an update to the first re-lease of Gingerbread an even though The market updated to 3.3.11 it's showing sprint Apps instead of Verizon's Apps Kind of weired Ha. I guesss i got a Zebra credible part Verizon / part sprint. Ha Ha! :smileyvery-happy:  B33 


Update: as i kind of thought that version was on the Original Gingerbread Re-lease back in Sept. nothing has since changed.

Re: New baseband version / update ?
Verizon Employee

Thanks Community members for posting your software update results!


I'd like to share some good news regarding the Gingerbread software update for the DROID Incredible.  It is now available and being pushed to devices.  The Baseband version number mentioned in an earlier post is the same for the last to releases, so don't be alarmed if you haven't yet received the latest update.  The number you want to check to ensure you have the latest update is the Build number, in which the latest version is 4.08.605.2.  This version update just started to push today.  You can check your software Build number by clicking here.  Thank you for your patience, and for being a part of the Verizon Wireless Family!

Re: New baseband version / update ?
Do you have any suggestions for the multitudes here who experienced aborted installations on Tuesday morning, and now show the system is up to date at ver 2.2?

Reformatting the SD card, doing a factory reset and reloading stock 2.2 didn't reset the updated flag.

Setting the time back to 12:30 AM didn't help.

Manually initiating checking didn't restart it.

Doing a factory reset from HBoot didn't help either.

Two out of three of our Dincs are showing up to date at 2.2.

HTC says they have no way of tracking the update, and aren't keeping track of MEIDs that have received it.

VZW CS says it is tracked by MEIDs, and advist to continue to wait.

I have a bad feeling that until there is a fix to restore the flag that indicates it needs an update, many of here are in for a long wait.

One out of our three got the .06 update on Tuesday morning, and the .08 update this morning.