My phone will not turn on!


My phone locked up last nightand I got it working before going to sleep.  This morning my alarms did not go off (thankfully I have an actual alarm clock) so I looked and my phone is fully charged but is stuck on the screen that comes up after you wake it up.  So I try to "wake it up" by touching it. That didn't work so I wiped the screen off and tried again.  That didn't work. So I popped the battery waited 5 minutes then put it back in.  NOW my phone won't turn on at all.  I tried to do the hard reset and still nothing!  What do I do?

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Re: My phone will not turn on!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello klbetts,

Thank goodness for your alarm clock! I know I use my device as an alarm so I know how important that can be. You are very prepared! Let's see what's going on.

Were you able to resolve the issue at all? Try holding down the power and volume down button and see if there is any response. Please let us know if you were able to get it powered up or any updates. Thanks!


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