My droid just reset itself...


Two nights ago, my droid log in screen started displaying numbers and deleting numbers by itself around midnight (yes....the phone has gremlins).  Obviously, I thought this was a bit odd then suddenly it shut off.  The next morning when I hit the button to view the login screen, it welcomed me and said my phone had been successfully activated and then proceeded through all the setup screens.  All of my photos...texts....apps...etc. are all gone.  Any clue what happened???!!  And no, the phone didn't get wet, dropped, or damaged in any way prior to this very odd occurrence.

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Re: My droid just reset itself...

Community Manager
Community Manager

I like the cute little Gremlins, just not Gizmo and it sounds like that may have been what took over your phone, gabigal2.
It's hard to say what may have happened to cause your phone to act like this. It appears as though it did a hard reset on it on it's own, but again I don't have a hard core reason as to why.

How has the device been acting since this odd incident?

Tamara H.
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