Moto Droid, entering and accessing new contacts


when I enter in new contacts to my phone contact list, the droid makes me choose between entering the name and number in one of my 2 gmail accounts.  Then when I go to find them in my contacts they are not there.


Also, some of the numbers that were in my previous phone are not showing as contacts in my droid.


Anyone know what the deal is????


Re: Moto Droid, entering and accessing new contacts


Here is what I just did....


Open Contacts.

Press Menu Button.

Choose New Contact.

Choose one of my google accounts.

Filled out Name and Mobile number of contact.

Pressed Done.

When to Home Screen.

Press Menu Button.

Select Settings.

Choose Accounts and Sync

Made sure the google account that I selected previously was set to "Sync is ON"

Just to make sure, I clicked on the account.

Pressed the Menu button and chose Sync Now.


I then logged into my Google account, clicked on Contacts.

Click in the in the search box for contacts and searched for the contact that I just created.  It showed up with no problems.  Maybe one of the things I did can help you to find your problem.