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Re: List of droid charge problem encountered so far

I don't know what Verizon is doing to their version of the radio and speaker drivers but after two years of struggling with a less than stellar HTC Incredible I fixed the problems.  It was a hail mary move in order to alleviate the constant low storage space warnings that I bit the bullet a>Rooting comment deleted<   I was left to believe that it was my rural location that was causing the dropped calls and low volume problems.  I almost fell for Verizon's "you need to buy a $250 signal booster".  I tried everything, including several factory resets of my phone over the past 2 years 4 months.  I've been with the same phone and the problems instead of improving seemed to get more noticeable with each OTA update.  So once our contract was up for renewal and I would have been able to get a new phone (meaning my husband wouldn't be ****** at me if I bricked my phone) I decided to bite the bullet and >Rooting comment deleted<  It was quite a nerve wracking ordeal BUT now my service AND the speaker works better than ever.  For the first time in over 2 years I actually have to LOWER the volume on the speaker so I can comfortably carry on a conversation.  For the first time in more than a year I can actually put the phone to my ear instead of making sure the phone sits undisturbed in one location so I don't lose the connection.  Before if I even attempted to move a few inches I'd drop the call or the sound would start to crack or sound like I was talking to Darth Vader.  NOW I can walk freely around the house and carry on a conversation without losing the call.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW, VERIZON????? Do something about your OS - your excessive testing is missing some very  bad glitches that are actually effecting the devices ability to receive and hold the signal strength.  I don't blame Google Android for these problems - I place the responsibility squarely on Verizon and HTC.  WHY? >Rooting comments deleted< I'd rather take a device that works well over extra bells and whistles that I'll never use.

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Re: List of droid charge problem encountered so far

I just spent 45 minutes adding to this thread only to get an error message on the Verizon website stating "internal server error on Verizon" which of course meant my whole message was lost. Go figure...their phones don't work, their service doesn't work and neither does their website.

I find it odd that I get an error message as I am typing yet another scathing report of how dissatisfied I am with not only this so called phone that VERIZON RECOMMENDED, but also how disgusted I am with Verizon. I am sick of getting told "these are not known issues" Judging by this thread, ON THE VERIZON WEBSITE these ARE known to them, but as recently as TODAY I was once again told the same thing. Their standard answer is a hard reboot, and when That doesn't work they want to send a factory refurbished phone... Which has all the same issues as the original phone.

I am sick of calling Verizon hoping that I am paying $225 a month for something other than a run around. I am sick of doing a hard reset and having to start all over with it only to have the same problems as before. I am sick of being transferred from one person to another and the end result is I am still stuck with a phone that does not work and I am paying hundreds a month for. To be exact...over the course of the required 2 year contract...I have to give Verizon $5,600.00...and as I was told by a a VERIZON SUPERVISOR TODAY..."Verizon provides the service and that is what you are paying for...the issue is the phone"   BUT I BOUGHT THE PHONE ON THE RECOMMENDATION OF VERIZON at a VERIZON store for hundreds of dollars!  I believe what she was trying to say is." are screwed, doesn't matter if the phone that you bought in our store from a Verizon employee on his recommendation works or are paying for "the service" even if the phone we sold you won't get the service.

Oh...and Verizon's solution TODAY to the same problems I have reported on the previous 3 Samsung Charges? Do a hard reset...again...and when I refused , they transferred me to Samsung who offered "a hard reset" OR I can send my phone in for repair!! I own and run my own business which requires a WORKING PHONE!  I only wish I had seen this thread before I bought this phone on their advice...or better I wish I had seen this before I chose Verizon. I will be switching...I cannot afford all this, my business cannot afford it and neither can my sanity! If I ran my business like Verizon, I would be out of business...oh wait, no I wouldn't,!  I just have to learn how to lie to customers, not back the products I recommend and sell, and when confronted, I just have to tell my customers it's not a known issue...but you still have to pay me thousands of dollars over 2 years for the privilege of having my "service".

Re: List of droid charge problem encountered so far

I haven't had a chance to read through all 11 pages of this post so I apologize ahead of time if I'm reporting an already known issue.

Last week my Droid Charge's mobile signal stopped working, I would have to restart it for the signal to work again and then eventually this stopped helping and I was without mobile signal. This was frustrating because I obviously couldn't call customer support, luckily things like texts still came through while my 4G was on (it still works). I went to a Verizon store to talk to a customer service there, since I had already tried doing a factory reset several times without it fixing the issue, he suggested swapping out the SIM card but then told me he couldn't do this because I wasn't listed as an account admin. So i went home added myself as an account admin and came in the next day to try again. This time things went a lot smoother, the guy there couldn't figure out what was wrong with it and decided to swap out the SIM card, he made it sound like this was a guaranteed fix and nothing could go wrong. After about 20 mins of waiting then another 10 mins of waiting while he talked to customer service, he informed me that since my phone wouldn't connect to the mobile network (THE KNOWN ISSUE.. THE ISSUE I BROUGHT IT IN FOR) he wouldn't be able to register the new SIM card he put in it and now i had an 'unregistered' phone which won't receive calls or texts anymore and that since its out of warranty and i have no insurance on it i would have to buy a new phone. The odd thing is he said my phone wouldn't work at all but I still some how get my 4G just fine it just takes a little bit to turn on after having been off (no text messages anymore though).

I think it is quite ridiculous that I take my phone in for an issue I've read about on several forums and then the customer service guy doesn't know what to do and ends up making the matter WORSE but thats my fault and tells me i need to buy a new phone.