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How to take photos with Android Charge

OK... here's my problem.  I have an Android Charge and really love all its features....except one - the camera.  I go to many concerts, sporting events, etc., and at every event I see other people with their cell phones taking crystal clear photos of the artists, yet when I try to take a photo (even if I am in the front row) the faces are blurred out and the photo is fuzzy.  I've tried adjusting the setting, the focus, nearly every conceivable option there is but can't seem to find the right combination of settings that will allow me to take clear photos.

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong and how I can set up my camera to give me great photos?

Thank you so much.

Re: How to take photos with Android Charge
Customer Support

Hey there tjackowski1!

I love going to concerts too! Loud music is kinda my thing. Regardelss, I know having a phone that takes great pictures is essential when sitting front row!

Now, you can find all the different settings here for your Droid Charge. Different situations require different settings. For example, you would want a nice high resolution for a picture that you wanted detail on (face shots). But for a landscape, you could turn the resolution down if needed. I would recommend for concerts to use the anti-shake setting to make sure that you are able to get a clear picture. You also might want to use the Party/Indoor Scene mode to get better preset settings for your device. I would try a few out on the opening act to see how they look and to get set for the main performance! *smiles*

I also might want you to look at your case. Sometimes, non-Verizon Wireless cases can hinder the flash or lens for photos. I have seen this before getting a bright pink hue over a picture with a flash from a pink case. So please check this.

Does it take photos well when not in the dark in a concert? Please let us know if it's only in the dark that you have problems or it's elsewhere. Thanks!


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