HTC Incredible games

I am looking for the best games for the Incredible. Whether they be free, paid, or not so legit ports of older amazing games. I actually read about a starcraft port to android...still searching on that. Boy would that be awesome though!


Please reply and leave your suggestions!

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Re: HTC Incredible games

I must also add that I am just as interested in major developer games. Granted...they may not be that major in the graphical or innovation dept. I would however love to know what games are available from the real game developers. I actually saw a simcity version that I am sure is almost a port from the original SimCity...but thats fine. I am excited to get that one even if it is $8.


Re: HTC Incredible games

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Here are the games I have on my phone and that I would recommend:


  1. Abduction!  (free)
  2. Air Hockey Demo  (free)
  3. Bebbled   (free)
  4. Bonsai Blast  (free)
  5. Diner Dash 2 (paid game)
  6. Finger Ball (free)
  7. Jewels (free)
  8. Lucid (free)
  9. Pac-man (I think there's a free trial)
  10. What The Doodle!?  (paid game)
  11. WordGame (free)
  12. Xgalaga