Getting a full connection to the hotspot


I just recently got the droid x  with the 3g mobile hotspot and I have a laptop that i would like to use on the hotspot, but i can not get it to completely connect it will connect but only to local.  i spoke to vzw tech support and they said that since my ipod was connecting fully to the hotspot there was nothing wrong with the wifi but that there was a setting or something that my laptop needs to be set to.

Does anyone know how i should set it up or what the setting need to be for me to connect completely and not just local?


Re: Getting a full connection to the hotspot


To ensure your laptop can connect to the 3G hotspot, I have listed some steps below that may be helpful.


***Please note*** the following is information and features that go with using the 3G mobile hotspot. 

  • $20.00 monthly recurring charge.
  • 2GB monthly data allowance applies to all data transmitted (on handset and shared devices) while the mobile hotspot application is active.
  • $0.05/MB Overage Rate.


Step 1. Ensure that the Motorola X’s 3G Hotspot is on, and complete the setup. (Instructions below)



Step 2. Use your laptop's WiFi to search for available WiFi networks (may vary depending on laptop or software). If the 3G Hotspot is enabled and set up (ex. Step 1 is complete), you should be able to see the name of the 3G hotspot in your available networks list. If you see the name (SSID), click on it to enter in your (WPA/WPA2) password and connect.


I hope this helps.