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EVA virtual assistant

A few weeks into this year (and I've had my phone since late June 2011) my phone started acting strangely. The touch sensor would quit responding to my touch, or when I could get to my home screen, they would move around all by themselves. Other strange things would happen, such as the phone button selecting itself and then calling the first number in my call history. Sometimes icons on the screen would rearrange themselves. Sometimes the home screens would change order or icons would move from one to the other. I turned on the screen one day to find the clock/weather widget had been removed from the home screen.

These are not things I can duplicate or even predict, so of course when I'd go to Verizon, I could only try to explain what was happening. About a month ago, they even replaced my phone, thinking it might be a bad touch sensor.

Within a few days the new phone was doing the same thing. In fact, I was at the grocery store one day and wasn't able to get past the lock screen for over an hour. I have missed phone calls because the screen wouldn't unlock. The only common factors with both phones are the battery and my apps.

Verizon has told me that if it were a battery issue, then I would be dropping calls or the phone would just power down. My thought was perhaps there was a fluctuation in the current that caused the touch sensor to misbehave. They said, "No."

So, I've started the process of elimination, first by uninstalling a weather app. The problem persisted. I even download a couple of popular games that I thought might be the cause. Nope.

Finally, last night I uninstalled EVA. I really like this program and would hate to think I can't use it again until I can upgrade my phone (March of 2013). It's not the $9.99 I paid for it. It's the functionality I'd miss most. It has a LOT of nice features.

But so far this morning, things seem to be ok (knock on wood).

I know that about the same time I upgraded to the full version of EVA, Verizon sent out a firmware update (Software version 5.10.605.9, baseband version 20.32W.30.0813U_101.09.01.1111, htc sense 2.1, android version 2.3.4).

So I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and could it be a result of the software update?