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Okay, so here's my question-


I'm currently on a Family Share plan with my family- the plan has expired, and is being paid month to month due to uncertainty about location and such in the future.


All the phones on the Family Share plan are eligible for an upgrade- and I wish to upgrade to the Droid.

I'm already aware that I'll need to add the 30 dollar a month data plan, but what I'm curious about is if I'm able to upgrade to the Droid without forcing the people on the Family Share plan to sign a 2 year contract.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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Not sure if this pertains, but I know I had thought about putting my daughter on her own plan and keeping the remaining 4 phones on the Family Share plan. I have always been told by Verizon CSRs that this could be done at anytime, but I have always had a current plan.


You maybe able to break your line out of the share plan.

One tip, if you are going to do this online. I just went through this - I had 4 of 5 phones available for upgrade and my plan was due for renewal. We I went on line, upgraded the plan and then went to upgrade the phones. all the phones then showed as "Unavailable for upgrade".  I called Customer Service, got a great, pleasant CSR who 1. cancelled my plan change, 2. made sure I could upgrade the phones online 3. stayed on the line while I upgrade the 4 phones and 4. upgraded the plan to what I had changed to to start the mess. She was great


Its worth a call to Customer Support to check your options


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no and yes

No, if you are buying the phone out right signing no contract as if you were to walk into a vzw store paying full retail price for the phone.

yes, but only your phone number will have a contract if you buy the phone with a contract.


For example i got the droid signing a one year contract and it ends in April 2010 but the other people under my family plan has no contract under there number.


If you do sign contract its only your number everyone else on your family share plan are please to do what they wish. they wont be stuck with you.


btw think about the battery life on the droid its not that amazing i wish i went BlackBerry their battery life is way better !


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If you get the phone subsidized, your line, and only your line would be under contract for either 1 or 2 years, depending on which option you chose.  You could also purchase the phone out-right for the full retail price, or wait a couple of months and get the Google Nexus One at full retail which should be at least $100 cheaper than the Droid when it comes out in CDMA form for Verizon.


If you did go with a contract, and the family cancelled the plan early, only your line would be subject to the Early Termination Fee. ($350, but it's pro-rated, so it would be less if you were half way through the contract.)  The other phones/lines would not be subject to any ETF.


Contrary to what someone else wrote, I find the battery life of the Droid to be quite acceptable, about the same as my old Blackberry, but the phone does *SO* much more, and is entirely stable, unlike BB (Needed to reboot every 2 or 3 days, especially if I used internet, yahoo messenger, any other network-intensive app), and the browser is actually good, unlike the BB, and decent apps are either free or low-cost, again, unlike the BB, plus Android continue to work even when the Blackberry network goes down.


GPS is enabled and fully functional in all Locations Based Service aware applications, unlike the Blackberry.