Re: Droid 2 battery problem


sandydub wrote:

My 2-day-old Droid 2 holds a charge for only about 8 hours.  Since acquiring it, I have fully charged it 4 times in 2 days!  Battery manager is set for Nightime Saver.  Any suggestions?


let me first say a task killer is unnecessary on a smart phone but i have one anyway because i am stubborn and i just want to be sure lol. also i keep my phone in nighttime saver mode and i erase the history so as not to clog my phone up with any needless information and memory usage. i have found a free easy to use app that achieves this end. on your phone go to market>apps>tap the search icon>type in history eraser>tap history eraser DUMAPIC (should be the second one listed)>tap install>open app>the easiest way to delete all history at once is the bomb>and depending on how much you browse the internet,call people, etc. is how often you need to delete your history. i do it about twice everyday. and i use my phone quite a bit for texting i go upwards to 1400 texts a month (at least an hour alone spent texting everyday) and play games everyday (another 1 - 2 hours a day) and listen to music everyday (2 - 4 hours a day) and my battery lasts 6-8 hours a day. im basically on my phone all the time unless im at work. i also have my yahoo and facebook and myspace and gmail synced to my phone. im hardly on my laptop anymore and i dont like to keep long term friends/family waiting.