Droid 2 VPN does not work, needs to support Sonicwall Global VPN Client


I purchased this phone for work and play, being that I work 80% of the time and only play about 20% I need VPN to work for active synch and Microsoft Exchange support.  Currently the Droid 2 does not support the Sonicwall Global VPN client.  Moto or Verizon please work on this, I will most likely be returning the phone if this is not updated in 30 days or so here....it is to major of a deal to live without.  I am not alone, posts are all over the net with how the Droid 2 does not really support VPN.  Please fix it a.s.a.p, for a company taking in a billions of dollars a month in fees you should be able to afford a quick pow wow with the dev team to roll out a update.