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Been posting a lot of complaings and outright problems here lately after GB. Many have. But just to show I'm not a grumpy, snot-faced curmudgeon at heart (at least no here...), I'd like to point out some things DXGB did right. At least in my book.


Bluetooth Swipe screen bypass.

In past Android versions, I couldn't open voice commands on my phone with the lock screen activated. GB now has a switch in the screen lock settings that let my bluetooth headset bypass the swipe screen. Now, I can initiate calls, check my battery, etc. by pressing a button on my earpiece, and I don't have to open my phone. Great while driving or doing anything else. Yes, it's a potential security breach, but a slim one. Who's likely to swipe my headset and not my phone, and still be within 30 feet of me to crack into it?


Snappier app list loads

I used to have to wait a long, long time for apps accessing my installed software to load the list. The built-in applications manager, Launcher Pro Plus, Folder Organizer, etc. would take nearly a minute to start loading the list of apps on my phone, then jerk and jitter through the list as I scrolled down. It's much, much faster now, with nearly instant list display and much faster scrolling. Huzzah!


Dark Blue Task Bar / Updated UI

Looks nicer than drab gray, and the icons are easier to read. The GPS icon is much more informative as well. I wish, though, the settings menus were still black instead of light gray; darker themes go easier on the battery. But I suppose the new colors improve readability in most light situations. Although I'm not too keen on the new progress pinwheel's design (buzz saw?), I must admit it's easier to see.


That's enough positive reinforcement for now. Just enough to keep MotoRizon motivated.



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my slide lock screen is so dark i can't see the background pic.

i could go back but like a few of the changes.


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Thank you for the community contributions!