DROID 2 Frozen at Start Up Screen


When I picked up my phone this morning, I could not get the screen to turn on.  Figuring the battery was out, I plugged it in... nothing happened.


I did a battery pull, and I was finally able to get it to boot up, but it slowed down and screeched to a halt at the 'red oval droid' screen that comes up right before the home menu boots up... and it stayed there.


I let it charge.

I did another battery AND sim card pull, for about 20ish minutes.

I tried booting up in safe mode.


Nothing helped.


The only symptoms I can identify are:

-The LED indicator light flashed white during a couple of the attempts.

-The area near the camera (where I'm assuming the processor is) is HOT. (I did let it cool off between boot ups, didn't help)


My *guess* is that for some reason, the phone's processor is on overload, making everything freeze up.


-I have not added any apps recently.

-I downloaded the os update about a week ago.

-I'm currently leaving it w/o the battery installed to keep the phone cool.


Please help!!


Re: DROID 2 Frozen at Start Up Screen


Verizon is sending me a replacement.


Tech support was extremely professional and to the point (didn't waste time with mundane boot-up procedures).


Kudos to Verizon for their tech team, specifically Matt, the one I spoke to.