Corporate sync issues


Greetings - am having issues with corporate sync with Outlook using 2003 server.  On initial set up the calendar synced with the phone, but none of the new items I entered at work are showing up on the phone.  The emails push to the phone but not the rest. 


Also - is there a fix for the email and not being able to search or mark all as unread issue.  If not what other mail apps would you recommend that have this feature.  I am starting to feel like this phone is a ton of hype an that's about it.  Miss my blackberry!


Re: Corporate sync issues

I have my stuff on my calender show up late as well.

For the mark all unread here are the steps.

Select all emails you want unread or hit menu select all>
Press menu>
Mark unread

Hope that answers that question for you.

Re: Corporate sync issues

Thanks. What I meant to ask was how to mark all read, not unread. Can't search my email either. This email software is horrible! Need to be able to find emails without having to scroll through them. From what I have been able to tell there is not a fix yet. :smileysad:

Re: Corporate sync issues


This is a solution.. it is a little odd, but here you go.

Hit menu select all>
Press menu>
Mark unread
Menu select all>
Press meny>
Mark read

Hope that answers that qestion.

Re: Corporate sync issues

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Try changing your corporate email settings.  The steps are below. Hope this helps!


If you need to adjust email frequency, notification ringtones, text size, signatures:

  1. Open Applications tray
  2. Tap on Email application  
  3. Your Default email account will be displayed.  (this is adjustable in email settings menu)
  4. Press Menu key 
  5. Select Email settings:         
  6. Email settings menu will be displayed:      
  7. If you are not within your Corporate account, select Default email account and select the name of your Corporate sync account. Close email application and re-open to view corporate account. 
  8. Touch Notifications to bring up Notifications option menu:
    • Adjust notifications appearing in the status bar: Turn on (Checked) or turn off (Unchecked).
    • Tap Vibrate to activate vibrate mode when you receive notifications from this email account.
  9. Touch Email delivery to change the frequency that emails is pulled to the device (Selections: Data push, Fetch schedule, or select to sync over WiFi only.
  10. Touch Compose options to change font style & size for your email account text and signature
  11. Touch Default Account to select account that is displayed and controlled when you select email application. You can adjust this to different account at any time. You will need to close email application and re-start for the different account to load.
  12. Touch Multiselect always on to enable you to select multiple emails within default account for various actions.




If you need to change account setup details such as account name, server name password, what features are sync'd, how long to sync messages:

  • Open up My Accounts application from application tray. 
  • Select the Corporate Sync account you wish to modify.
  • Your Corporate exchange account settings will be displayed


  • Touch inside Username box to change username
  • Touch inside Password box to change password
  • Touch Calendar to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) synching calendar from this account
  • Touch Contacts to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) synching contacts from this account
  • Touch Email to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) synching email from this account
  • Touch inside Email address box to change your email address on this account.
  • Touch inside Server box to change your server location for this account.
  • Touch inside Account name box to change your Account name used on this handset for this account.
  • Touch Use secure connection to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) SSL security for this account
  • Touch Verify Certificate to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) certificate use with this account
  • Click on arrow underneath "Sync messages for" to select how far back you will sync messages from your corporate exchange account. (1 day, 3days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, All)
  • Select Remove account to remove this Corporate Exchange account from the handset.