Can you set up contacts to order by company?


Re: Can you set up contacts to order by company?


dbh wrote:


if you mean putting all your contacts, for a particular company in one folder or bunched up, then yes you can.


there are two, maybe three, ways:


1.  when you enter your contacts in, you could type their company name in, then type a hyphen, then the name of the person (which is what i do for everyone in my company)


2.  You could create a direct dial page for one of your home screens, granted you can only list 14 contacts, but you can make it your most important 14 (which is what i do and i list only those people above me)


3.  you could create a folder on one of your home screens and place all the contacts you want in it so you can access just those numbers a little faster than scrolling through your contacts list