Broken HTC Incredible and Verizon service update


Here is what has went on. Sorry for the length.


My first post:

Great phone for the 22 hours it worked.

I got my Incredible May 10th, it died May 11th.

Then it stopped charging, the battery goes dead. Red charge light on, green battery icon on top of screen has little lightening bolt thru it. Green indicator moves back and forth like its charging. Tried removing and reinstalling battery.  Sometimes it charges until red light turns green, then its dead within an hour, with the phone completely shut off, not sleeping but OFF. All while still plugged in.

Tried supplied wall charger, Verizon car charger. All the same.

Tried a new battery they sent me. It acts the same.

Took it to the local Verizon store, they said its broken too.

They ordered me a new one on the 17th.

3 hard resets, 3 sessions with tech suport over as many days. Told I will have a new phone June 9th. 30 days after it broke. Just in time for my 30 evaluation period to end. I can have one extra week they said, my how gracious. I dont have the equippment but the time expires just like if I did. They also made me pay another $212 dollars to order the replacement phone. I it get back 2 weeks after they recieve the broken one in return.


Back to my totally reliable Blackberry tour.


I was told by the last tech guy that thats life. Its not Verizons problem its HTC's problem and I am out of luck as far as extending eval time. Or any considerations at all.

Lets see, its Verizons equippment, but not their problem. I got if from them but its not their problem that its junk.

I'm unlucky and thats my fault, they see no liability in my bad luck.

He also said you should never buy a newly released product because they always have problems.

All 3 also said they have not seen or heard of any problems at all with the Incredible.

I must be the only unlucky person in the whole world.

The **bleep** thing worked for a day, one day.

They also said that if there was a refurb available I would get that as a replacement and not a new one so I am lucky there is not a refurb.

Are you kidding me, a phone breaks in one day and they would replace with a refurb????


I work in customer service, I would be fired if I went anywhere near where Verizon is going. "Were sorry for your bad luck" ,"Dont buy newly released equippment", "Its not our problem" , " You only derserve a refurb phone"  that doesnt cut it.

My phone didnt die, Verizons phone died. Period.


I could understand it if it died 4 weeks after I got it. I could see their point after that long. But the next day, get real Verizon???


Frustrated, disappointed, angered, in utter deblief.


The best network, sure. The best customer service, far from it.


Their reply:

I would like to apologize for the malfunctioning equipment and the poor customer service that you were provide. I will definitely forward this to the correct correspondence to be reviewed. Our Certified Like New phones are tested and guaranteed like new as if you received them straight from the manufacturer. Brand new phones, maybe 10% of the entire inventory are tested for functionality, so it is possible for a bad one to slip out every once in a while. Since you have already purchased a new one and have to wait for it in the mail, I can see what we can do to have your 30 day guarantee extended longer than a week. May I have you mobile number and full name? Please allow me some time to review the account and get with the necessary contacts to see what I can make happen from my end.


Then after 5 days I had to sent a why didnt I hear anything message.


Then I get this response:

I do apologize and thank you for your patience. I did have my superiors work with your account, however they have advised because you have already accepted the agreement with customer care, we won't be able to go over their agreement.


My respone to them:

I didn't accept their agreement! Oh my god!!

They didn't give me what I asked for or help solve my issues.

All I was told is what they couldn't do. As well as wouldn't do.

As well as everything I put in my post.


If you're talking about the month to evaluate the new phone.

They didn't give me a choice. What was I supposed to say "naa I don't want an extra week"?

I asked forcefully for my full period, without being irate.

I was told there was no way anyone was going to do that for me.

How in god's name can you say my evaluation period is up when your equipment failed in 22 hours and you could not supply new equipment to evaluate?

How can Verizon take that stance in good faith????


I know now Verizon does not care about one account.

At least mine, on any level.


I will change my stance if you could tell me one thing.

How is any of this my fault?

Why am I being penalized?


Am I wrong here people???


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I am really sorry to hear that Verizon has treated you so poorly. Your post has helped me with my decision to leave Verizon now that my contract is up. thank you for sharing and good luck.


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Elsewhere on this website you can find the name and email address of the CEO of Verizon; my suggestion is email him and let him know what you are going through and how you have been treated by his company! Don't hold back, blast him and Verizon with both barrels!! Their 30 day policy sucks, their prices for their service are higher than everyone else, their contract terms suck, their service sucks, and apparantely some of their phones do to. If they carry HTC phones then Verizon IS responsible for how they work. They are being cheap ******** who are unwilling to help you or others out. I was planning on getting the Incredible, but now with all the complaints I'm seeing on this forum and the lousy service from Verizon coupled with their contempt towards their customers, I will probably wait till my contract is up and take my chances with someone else. Just because they have the best coverage does'nt give them the right to treat their customers like crap and charge them the ridiculous prices that they do.


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i am only posting this to present another side (of the htc di....NOT verizon....lol). they should give people 30 days from when they get the replacement....not the broken one they got initially. anyway, most of the people that come to forums do so to resolve issues, problems, etc. look at all of the threads. they are people with problems, complaints, or questions. they sold 100,000 incredibles in the first few days it was available. and yes, a handful of them have issues. i'd be willing to bet that 7 months ago the forum was filled with brand new bunk moto droids, and that a couple years ago there were at&t forums that were filled with bad iphones recieved. i'm not excusing it. i'm just saying it's brand new and there will be bugs with brand new devices....and some that are just flat out broke. but it seems that 99,000+ of them are just fine. i've been with verizon for ten years and have had no problems. even got some early upgrades. it's a shame that their service appears to have gone downhill, but it's no better with the other carriers. i've just seen a handful of people here that desire to change carriers....and that's fine. but i also suspect they will come across the same bad service once in a while no matter who you go with. this forum is similar to anything else....when you have a bad experience at a restaurant you want to call the manager....nobody calls the manager or visits the forum to tell you how great their service was that day.


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