Battery life


This might be old news and already answered, but is anyone having battery live problems after the recent upgrade? Part of the problem is that the phone says in 4G. You can no longer manually turn off 4G and use 3G as you could in the previous version of software. It automatically defaults to 4G and 4G requires a lot of power!

I found an app that allows me to manually select 3G. I can now use 4G only when fast data transfer is needed. During idle times it stays in 3G, saving battery power.

This has significantly helped with my battery life, but it's still not like it was prior to the upgrade! Anyone else having poor battery life problems? I might have to go back to my blackberry! Never had any issues with it.


Re: Battery life

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There are several threads about issues/fixes for the Bionic after the ICS update, if you want to do a search on this forum.  One thing to note if you haven't already is that the battery saver options are no longer there, so if you had those set up, that could be part of your battery issue.  There are battery saving options with Smart Actions.