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Back up Assistant lost all my business contact phone numbers

Saturday My Droid 3 that had already been difficult to use because it would not keep a new phone contact and would freeze in emergencies (I am talking get an ambulance, input a doctor's number while standing in the emergency room, or in business meetings, occasions like that) started losing the screen, it would go black if I opened the keyboard and then freeze with a black screen, continuously. It would not respond to attempts to turn it off. I took out the battery for a minute and put it back in and rebooted only to have the same thing happen over and over if I tried to use an app, make a call, view picture gallery, whatever. So I took my phone to the Oklahoma City, OK Verizon Wireless Store #331769 for CUSTOMER SERVICE. I showed the sales people my frozen black screen phone and that the back was broken and was being held on only at the top and by the neoprene case. They took the battery out and  put it back in and declared my problem solved and told me that my phone was like a computer and needed to be turned off once a day and kept charged. I assured them that I was aware of this and that I did turn it off and let it reset and I charged it up every night and sometimes in the day as needed. The FIRST SOLUTION was to reformat the phone which WIPED ALL INFORMATION AND APPS OFF OF MY PHONE. I let them do that and they sent me home with it to replace all my information and apps.

Now I come to find that ALL MY BUSINESS CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS ARE MISSING from using Back Up Assistant. This is critical for my work!

ALL CONTACT INFORMATION was missing on my online account! Why would that happen? I will synch what is left on my phone to my BACK UP ASSISTANT account online.

I still haven't transferred the sim card to my "replacement phone". How can I insure that I don't lose all my contact information again???

I am going to Verizon Wireless Store #331769 for CUSTOMER SERVICE directly after work. If they lose my business contact information and phone numbers, I will be forced to re-enter 200+ contacts before I leave to go out of state for work tomorrow..

Any suggestions for a positive result?


Re: Back up Assistant lost all my business contact phone numbers
Customer Support

Hello Drucatic
I'm sorry you were not able to get the contacts back. I know how irritating it would be to reload all those contacts.Were the contacts synced with the Gmail account? Please try backing it up with Gmail. Are you able to log in online  at ?If so, Please log in and check the trash the contacts may of accidently been moved.

Thank you


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